Quality & Safety of Our Products

We pride ourselves on being at the forefront of implementing strict quality standards in providing nutritious offerings for families. The safety, health and wellness of our little ones is, and has always been, an intrinsic part of our DNA. 

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Our Quality & Food Safety Program 

Our Quality and Food Safety program is designed to ensure that all our products are safe for every baby and toddler. In addition to meeting our local regulations, we have strict, self-imposed quality standards and reference other baby-specific sources like European Union (EU) baby food standards to inform our product development—we follow the best practices available globally to meet a high bar of requirements. We are also a leader in the industry on rigorous methodology, routinely testing both our ingredients and finished products to assure they are safe and healthy for baby.

Our Work with the Baby Food Council

Happy Family Organics is a founding member of the Baby Food Councilcreated in January 2019 with the shared goal of reducing levels of heavy metals in food products to as low as reasonably achievable using best-in-class management techniques. The Baby Food Council was established by Cornell University and the Environmental Defense Fund, and includes government agencies, industry experts, and other  leading baby food companies. 

As industry leaders, we understand that creating guidance specific to baby food is the best way to lead the food industry and continuously make baby food that is safe. That’s why, as part of the Baby Food Council, we are partnering with key stakeholders in the creation of a Baby Food Standard for contaminants management across the entire industry.

Our USDA Certified Organic Standards

To limit the presence of trace amounts of minerals and metals in the products we manufacture, we source high-quality, USDA certified organic produce from trusted suppliers and farmers. We are working to balance the  reality of nature with our commitment to maximum nutrient density in each and every recipe that we produce. Managing exposure to these naturally occurring substances is incredibly important to us.   

If you have any questions for us, please reach out to our team directly at parents@happyfamilyorganics.comWe are parents too and are here to address your concerns the best we can.   

Our Commitments

Happy Family Organics is  a founding member of the Baby Food Council (established by Cornell University and the Environmental Defense Fund). We partner with industry  leaders and government agencies to implement the latest guidance on health, safety, and nutrition from environmental, medical, and academic advisors. In 2021, we are participating in a Council-led initiative to develop a  Baby Food Standard which looks to reduce the levels of heavy  metals  in  participating  companies’ products to  as low as reasonably achievable while preserving  beneficial nutrients. 

 While we are delighted to be able to collaborate in the research and best-practice sharing through the Baby Food Council, we are also proud to lead the industry in standards and quality processes, through:

• Education and strong commitments with our suppliers

• Thoughtful product design built into our innovation processes

• In-depth quality and food safety audits throughout our supply chain 

• Third party evaluation

We continue to strengthen and grow our knowledge around practices that can help to mitigate the risk of contaminants using the most thorough methods in the industry. We will continue to ensure that the food we create is, above all, safe for little ones to consume during their childhood, and are committed to a mindset of continuous improvement.

More Information on Our Standards

Our company was founded with the  mission to change the trajectory of children’s health through nutrition, and built on the ambition that every baby and child should  have access to safe and healthy food. The detection and screening practices to keep baby food healthy and safe have never been as advanced as they are today, and  managing  contaminant exposure is a priority for us.

 Here is a transparent look at the steps  we  take to ensure our products are safe for babies and toddlers:

 • We thoughtfully source high-quality, organic ingredients from trusted farmers and suppliers, which reduces the risk of heavy metals.

 • We have developed a Quality and Food Safety program designed to ensure that all of our products are safe for every baby and toddler. We are proud to have best-in-class testing protocols in our industry.

 • We have a culture of continuous improvement and  in addition to  our  own  strict  quality standards and proactive testing, we  believe in working with others to make even more progress. We  are willing and eager to find  opportunities to improve our products and look to data-based guidance to help us do so. We agree that there should be comprehensive attention to how the levels of heavy metals can continue to be diminished in food. This must continue to  be a focus of all who are connected to the  process of making food for our little ones,  including the FDA, growers, scientists, and the food industry. 

 • We are committed to being always organic. Our foods are certified to be made using practices that do not include potentially harmful pesticides. We have always been committed to using organic and non-GMO ingredients and strive to implement practices and standards that go beyond what is required by industry standards. 

 • We are committed to offering nutritious and safe recipes with ingredients that are nutrient dense and mindfully formulated.

 • We specifically source packaging made without BPA.