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Find your answers to general questions below. Or contact Product Support in South Africa for more detailed answers on specific Happy Family® products.

For more information about Happy Family Organics, please visit happyfamilyorganics.com. Note, this store is operated by Fountain Medical (Pty) Ltd. in South Africa. Please direct all queries to us here.

Q: Can I buy Happy Family® products elsewhere?

A: Yes! The Happy Family® range of products is available at most baby stores, and selected pharmacies and food stores in South Africa. You can buy our products online at this shop, or other major online retailers. Contact us (Fountain Medical (Pty) Ltd.) to find out more.

Q: Where do you deliver Happy Family® products?

A: To any South African address. This online store can only courier your products within South Africa. If you are visiting this site outside of Southern Africa, please visit the parent site.

Q: Do Happy Family products contain any synthetic colours or flavours?

A: No. Happy Family products never contain any synthetic colours or flavours.

    Q: Are all Happy Family products organic?

    A: All products are USDA certified organic.

      Q: Where does Happy Family source ingredients from?

      A:  All fruits, vegetables, and grains are sourced from trusted organic farms, many of which are located in the United States. However, depending on growing seasons, ingredients are sourced from other countries. Happy Family® holds each and every one of their partners to the same strict standards and carefully source each one of their ingredients.

      To find out exactly where ingredients come from, check out HappyFarms.com.

      Q: Where are Happy Family products made?

      A: All (except for three) products are made in the US: Happy Baby Rice Cakes are made in the Netherlands, Happy Baby Teethers are made in Thailand and Happy Baby Jars are made in Poland. These products go through the same strict auditing as those made in US facilities.

        Q: How does Happy Family test products?

        A: Safety of products is taken very seriously by Happy Family and us at Happy Family South Africa (Fountain Medical (Pty) Ltd.). A Quality Assurance team analyses every batch of every product. Each product is tested to make sure that they meet strict standards and are safe for every baby, toddler, and adult to consume.

          Q: What is Happy Family doing to minimise contaminants in food?

          A: Happy Family’s Quality and Food Safety program includes measures that help prevent contamination by any harmful toxins. Notably, they require  suppliers to meet strict standards, validate performance through active monitoring, and proactively execute improvement projects based on areas of potential risk. To take this one step further, they are currently developing an even stricter set of standards to push the US industry to an even safer place.

            Q: How are Happy Family Recipes created?

            A: Happy Family understand the needs of today’s families. They are also driven by the long-term health and safety of children. Happy Family products are created in collaboration by a research and development (R&D) team, and with partners like registered dieticians, nutritionists, lactation consultants, and medical professionals in the Unites States.

              Q: Does any Happy Family packaging contain BPA or phthalates?

              A: All Happy Family packaging is made without the use of BPA or phthalates.

                Q: How does Happy Family commit to being a socially responsible company?

                A: Beyond a mission to change the trajectory of children’s health through nutrition, Happy Family are proud to be a socially responsible company. Happy Family have proudly been a certified B Corp since 2011, which means it meets rigorous third-party standards that measure social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency in the US.